Hello there!

My name is Austi (Sullivan) Garrett. I am from the small town of Alpine in West Texas. I graduated from Sul Ross State University December 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts. Currently, I am the Executive Assistant at the corporate office of a Gas and Oil company. I married the most wonderful and supportive man I know on March 1, 2014!

I have always had a passion for photography of all types so I have decided to start pursuing it in a more semi-professional way. I hope to one day start a small business. But for now I will just continue taking photos of the beautiful places, things, and people I see and share them with anyone who will look!

I absolutely love taking pictures and I can spend hours and hours editing them. It is so much fun to me. I love learning more editing techniques and tricks of the trade. I really hope to one day learn to create “fantasy” photos and also fine art/fashion portraits. I am in the process now of simply growing my portfolio, experience, and knowledge.

I would love to get insights and feedback from other photographers and anyone who like to give it on the photos that I have taken. I really hope everyone who views my work enjoys it and will stick around to watch me grow and learn!

I also co-author a faith-based lifestyle blog with my ‘cousin-in-law’, Kait!
You can check that blog out here!
Philippians 2:13


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